updated : Monday, March 7, 2010 (JST)

Abstract Submission

Preparation of Abstract

Abstract must be submitted for both oral and poster presentations. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Local Organizing Committee.

The abstract should explain the contents of your presentation clearly and should be written on one-page of A4 (or US letter size) paper with margins of 3.5 cm (top and bottom), 3.0 cm (right and left). Any color figures will be printed as black-and-white, and it cannot be guaranteed that halftone (grayscale) images will print as expected. It is recommended that you use figures with high contrast.

The abstract must be written in English. The detailed format for abstracts is given in the following files.
Sample , Template

How to Submit Your Abstract

Please submit your abstract by Online Abstract Submission Page. An abstract registration number will be received after acceptance of your abstract. The abstract registration number is necessary for inquiring submitted your abstract.

Please attach your abstract to Online Abstract Submission Page as a PDF file. PDF files are not perfectly compatible with all computer systems. To avoid compatibility issues, we request that authors avoid using special symbols or Greek letters. Please try not to exceed 30MB file size in your submission.