updated : Tuesday, March 1, 2011 (JST)

Paper Submission

The proceedings of the conference will be published in Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences (JNRS).

Preparation of Manuscript

1. Arrangement

Each manuscript should be arranged in the following order:

  1. title of paper,
  2. name(s) of author(s) with a mark to the corresponding author whose e-mail address and fax number are indicated,
  3. affiliation(s),
  4. abstract,
  5. text,
  6. references,
  7. tables,
  8. figures (each figure should be printed on a separate page),
  9. figure captions

2. Printing and Maximum Length

Manuscripts should be double-spaced printed (or type-written) with 12pt font size for text within about 25 lines of 65 strokes per line on one side of A4 or US letter-sized paper.
There is no limitation on the length of manuscripts for Reviews and Accounts. If manuscripts are prepared as noted in the above instruction, 24 pages and 12 pages including tables, figures, and illustrations are the utmost limit for Articles and Notes, respectively. This results in approximately 6 printing pages for Articles and 3 printing pages for Notes.

3. Citations

References are cited by superscript numbers in text, tables, figures, etc., like …reported.1, …used1-3,6, and are numbered consecutively throughout the paper. When cited on the line, they are written as ``in Reference 1'', ``in References 1-3'', etc. Tables and figures are cited in text by saying ``Table 1'', ``Figure 1'', ``Figures 1 and 2'', etc. Equations are cited in the text by saying ``eq 1'', ``eqs 2 and 3'', etc., and spelled out like ``Equation 1…" when they are the first word of a sentence. Sections are cited in the text as ``sect. 3.2.''

4. Figures

It is highly recommended to prepare figures in an electronic form. Each figure is prepared as a separate postscript (ps or eps) file. Some electronic files other than postscript files may be acceptable and they are submitted together with one set of good quality printed figures. Color figures cannot be accepted.

5. Unit

In preparation of figures, it is recommended to use notification like "physical quantity/unit" instead of "physical quantity(unit)" ex. Time/min.

6. Example of reference list

  1. E. Bartsch, V. Frenz, and P. Lindner, J. Chem. Phys. 100, 3540(1997).
  2. R. B. Firestone and V. S. Shirley, Table of Isotopes, 8th ed. (John Wiley & Sons, New York,1996).
  3. I. Nishinaka, Y. Nagame, K. Tsukada, S. Ichikawa, H. Ikezoe, M. Tanikawa,Y. L. Zhao, K. Sueki, and H. Nakahara, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Fission and Properties of Neutron-rich Nuclei, edited by J. H. Hamilton, W. R. Phillips, and H. K. Carter (World Scientific, Singapore, 2000), p.494.